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20 November 2011 @ 02:59 pm
As most of you know, I went Korea on holiday but unfortunately I didn't get to see Kim Nam Gil, but I did managed to talk to his colleagues and pass on the letters and gifts. So to all who send me your messages/letters and gifts, it's definitely with KNG now. Sorry I didn't manage to take any pictures with his colleagues and the gifts (I should have right!) I'm just lost at what to do when I'm there and his colleagues were so friendly I just kept myself really occupied talking and thanking them.

What happened was I went to the building he works at, and stroll along the hallway of his department, good thing no one stopped me... Anyway I managed to get help from a man who kindly went in to ask for Kim Nam Gil but his colleagues came out instead and told me he was away for some work he needs to do outside. I'm very sure KNG is not hiding inside like many asked me, as the door was translucent and transparent as well so I did catch a good view of the department he is working in and I didn't see him at all. They are even nice enough to apologies and told me he might be back in about 3 hours or so, They are really nice and sincere, Though I didn't get to see KNG, I'm happy to be able to speak with the people he works with and see the environment,
During the 3 hours before I went back in hopes to see KNG, I went shopping for gifts for him, I wanted to get some books but most of them were out of stock or unavailable in Korean language, thus it took me quite a while. After which I went to Starbucks and ordered coffee and cakes/muffins for his colleagues as an appreciation of thanks. But by the time I went back it was about 3 and half hours later and KNG had went off work. His colleagues were really happy though and thanked me for the food and drinks. That itself made me really happy too :)

These all happened on the 17th Nov, the night before I flew off so I didn't get to go back again. But I'm intending to make another visit before July 2012, and hope this time I get to see him because he will be the priority of the visit. So here's to the little account of the failed attempt to see Kim Nam Gil, but still I find a rewarding one. But this whole trip made me miss KNG more than ever that I think I might be a little too crazy and needs to control myself. haha!

Anyway I did pass along the translation of Into the Wild (though uncompleted) and am sure his colleagues passed the message that lots of English speaking fans wants to know more about him. Also his colleagues were really surprised to hear that he has fans from Hungary and I made sure to tell him that yes, there are a lot of them! And not only Hungary but all over the world :)
02 October 2011 @ 03:45 am

Been MIA for months! Nothing to offer yet (gotta get back to translating!!!) but news is I'm going to Korea this November and am really hoping to see Kim Nam Gil. But as mentioned before, it won't be nice to drop by without informing, so I would very much like to find a way of contacting the agency to let them know in advance, arrange a meeting of sorts, representing the Lifejournal / Facebook / English speaking fan base around the world. If anyone wants to tag along I'll be there from 12th Nov - 17th Nov.

So if time and resources allows me to meet him, I'm more than willing to help bring over scarp books, letters, videos, gifts etc. I doubt I'll have time to consolidate stuff like what some of your did previously making a book and all, so instead you guys can have it done and deliver it to my Singapore address and I'll bring them personally to him. I'll try to take a video of his expression, replies, message etc. But do ensure your parcel arrive in Singapore by 9th November. It will be cool if we have one scrap book representing each country - let him feel the love from all over the world! :D

I'm also thinking of doing a mini questionnaire, provided I can find someone to translate or any of your know how is his Chinese studies and English coming along? I've lost track of his updates for months! He's still at the Gangnam-gu office right?

Alright I'm going to end here, will update once I gather more info. The most important thing now is setting up the meeting, if anyone knows how to do so, please let me know ASAP. Feel free to suggest anything or ask any questions as well. Contact me thorough my email: belleva@live.com (same email for MSN messenger & Facebook) or you can send me a message or leave a comment here.

Do spread the word around so we'll have more stuff for him during the visit. Hope to hear form you guys soon, just a month to go!

P.S. Queen Seon Deok premieres on Singapore TV this October!! More love for KNG!!!

30 July 2011 @ 02:01 am
 Here's another set of photos of Kim Nam Gil taken by Y Star. It as a brief video but it never fails to excite us fans! We miss him badly! [By the way, it's now one year since his military enlistment . Another 365 days to wait! ]

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a scapp from the video I am not sure if these fans were informed but based on the recent interview of Kim Nam Gil in True Eyes, he requested us to minimize our visits to him because of his health conditions. HOpe Appa will be doing well :D  

22 July 2011 @ 07:06 am
I'm back! But just for this post though, I still don't have time to look for updates nor translate the book :( So any kind souls please do update whenever there's news of our dearest Kim Nam Gil. Do remember to use the LiveJournal Cut in your post so we don't clutter the main page. Thank you!

Here are more DVD rips, this time of Queen Seon Deok. I bet there are many who misses Bidam as much as I do!

I bought the Queen Seon Deok DVD box set from Innolife, in it contains NGs, behind the scenes, interviews and so on. I only managed to rip the last disc featuring most of the special features. There are 2 more discs with such features and I will rip them in time to come. Meanwhile enjoy these and do support Kim Nam Gil and the drama by purchasing the DVDs. Also, it's stated in Yesasia that it's a limited edition so do grab them before they're gone! It comes with English subtitles for the drama, just not for the extras like interviews and NGs...

Starting off with my favorite <3 Bideok Couple

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03 July 2011 @ 10:42 am
And 2 videos from the army




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I'm 9 days late in posting this (was posted in DC Gallery on 1st June), but what's not to love about sightings of him in this 2 year absence from the media that seems like forever...

On an unrelated topic, below are videos from his first fan meeting in 2007 when he's still known as Lee Han, both fan cam and TV coverage included.


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03 June 2011 @ 02:23 pm
So I didn't have time to translate, but ripping and uploading don't take up as much time, so here you go! This is my first time ripping a DVD, so please pardon any errors.

This is the DVD that came with his pictorial book "Into the Wild", it actually consist of a CD and a DVD, the CD has 2 songs in it "Can't I Love You" / 사랑하면 안되니 by Kim Nam Gil and an instrumental version of it. The DVD contains a short intro, followed by the making film of his pictorial book, a picture slideshow, and making film of Bad Guy in Japan.

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